Shortly after the war Paul Klein founded our distillery. It quickly became a favourite hobby of his son, Gerd.

For generations, Spirits and Liqours have been distilled from our fruit and pomace; the pulpy residue left after grape pressing. Gerd Klein modernised the distillery in order to enhance the quality our products;the old equipment can still be viewed in our wine tasting cellar.

Rare quince and vineyard peach are among our fruit spirit production. The pomace and yeast spirits are distilled twice and then matured in small oak barrels for several years, greatly enhancing the subtle textures and aromas. Our selection of finely blended liquours contain no artificially produced additives.

More information about our spirits and liqours can be found here

      Staffelter Hof Winery- Jan Matthias, Gerd und Gundi Klein - Robert-Schuman-Str. 208 - D-54536 Kröv, Germany