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Weingut Staffelter Hof has existed for more than a thousand years. Probably one of the oldest wineries in Germany, it was originally rewarded by King Lothars II to a monastery in the town of Stavelot, Belgium (from which derives the name 'Staffelter Hof'). Until the secularisation of the monastaries during the French Revolution, the Monks were free to enjoy the fine wines of the Moselle valley. Subsequently, the winery was bought by the vineyard manager, Peter Schneiders. This proved to be a good decision, considering that Kröv enjoys ideal wine growing conditions; a more than temperate climate and naturally sheltered slopes.

Kröv was settled by the Celts, then the Romans who introduced and cultivated wine in the area. The surname 'Klein' has been associated with the winery for over 100 years; Killian Klein married the granddaughter and heir of Peter Schneiders.

Do you want to develop your interest in the history of the Moselle valley? With an encyclopedic knowledge of wine culture and local history, a conversation with Gerd (over a glass of wine) is an experience not to be missed.

      Staffelter Hof Winery- Jan Matthias, Gerd und Gundi Klein - Robert-Schuman-Str. 208 - D-54536 Kröv, Germany