Prejudged Youth & Modern Days

New New Wave at its Best!

Beginn: Thu., 19.07.2018
Ende: Thu., 19.07.2018

New New Wave: Prejudged Youth & Modern Days

Prejudged Youth

The sometimes dark band sound of Prejudged Youth creates a succinct atmosphere in combination with catchy melodies and has clear New Wave features. You feel transported back to the dark clubs of the eighties. Somewhere between pop culture, depression and hope. Modern Days are a band for breaking as a departure. An unsecured black box at the bottom of something past that stretches into the present. Imbued with skepticism about the existing and a quarreling desire for something new, the group can look back on a long-standing development of its own, which is currently culminating in pieces based on post-punk, new wave and shoegaze from the 1980s with German lyrics.

Location: Weingut Staffelter Hof und KultUrScheune Kröv

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